Hi everyone , Paul here Eden English School, Nanning, China is offering a one year teaching contract to Native English speakers!!! Most classes are 40mins - 1hr long and have between 1-2 students, big classes happen once a week and are 2:15hrs long with a max of 10 students (mine has 4). The working week is Wednesday-Sunday and are 25ach* or 17hrs per week!!! (*1 academic hour is 40mins real time). Accommodation, work visa , training, Chinese lesson and anything you might need in your classroom to help you teach are provided by the school. When it comes to teaching at Eden,there's not one style that teachers have to stay to, if singing is your thing teach through songs, if art is what your are good at teach through drawings and pictures, if you think playing games and telling stories is the best way to get kids interested in English then teach through games and storytelling!! Everyone teaches and learns in different ways so that is why we encourage you to bring your own style. If your are or know someone that is interested and would like to know more send me an email (eden_english@outlook.com)


Why Nanning?

* Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Province, nestled in the Southern part of China. It is called China’s Green City, and is considered one of the least polluted capital cities in China.

* It has a wonderful sub-tropical climate, excellent transport options, including the latest High Speed Rail , as well as a brand new airport, plus Nanning is host to numerous national and international exhibitions and events which ensure it’s rarely a dull day in town.

* Compared to many other Provincial capital cities, Nanning’s cost of living is still very good in relation to the selection and quality of local facilities and amenities provided.

* Local people are very open and friendly. Smiling is still popular here!

* There is plenty to do if you want to keep active, while for those that like to stroll there are plenty of parks and comfy seats just waiting for you!

* Great selection of food, shops, nightlife, local culture, and a very laid back lifestyle.


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